Graphic Design is natural imagery combined in such a way to fill a need. My designs
always start with a conceptual image, I see things and then translate them into my sketchbook.
There is only one way of achieving design ideal and that is to start with a creative idea and not
being afraid to change what you started with. One stroke could bring you to perfection.

Design is an ever-changing view of life that changes with time and technology. When I
see our world it is in a three dimensional form. I see patterns in the design of nature that create
new ideas to my graphic design . The colors on this earth create endless possibilities that help me
communicate meaning to each pixel on a screen. As a designer I am creating new augmented
realities that coexists within our daily life. The design you only dream of and was once impossible
is now a form that could be seen in this world. The world is changing design will follow.

My Design toolbox is something that keeps getting filled with the enhancements of new
media I bring new applications to my art box to help create iconic design to my work. My
aspiration is to bring the viewers every day life into a halt with my skills in graphics.
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